Welcome to Plankwalker Siding! 

Plankwalker Siding has been serving Montana and North Dakota for over 30 plus years. We offer a wide variety of restoration services and new home building services. Our experienced specializes in siding, windows, doors, soffit and fascia for both commercial and residential buildings.

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Captain - Owner

Benjamin Desjarlais 

Since beginning his career in the construction industry Ben has been recognized for his extraordinary commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. 

Impeccable workmanship.

His passion for his work goes far beyond the workplace. 

Husband, father.

He enjoys family time, restoring cars, working in the shop, going to the racetrack. 

Quartermaster - Exterior Consultant

Shawn Kuhn

Life long passion for siding.

Started siding right off the family farm in Richardton North Dakota 40 years ago.

Experienced in siding, roofing, doors, and window installation.

When not working, he likes to spend his time hunting, fishing, metal detecting, and traveling.

Navigator - Administrative Officer

Katie Desjarlais

Tackles most administrative tasks, customer service follow-ups, organizing company records, maintaining inventory.

Excels in this position because she cares deeply about her work and the reputation of Plankwalker Siding. 

She enjoys spending time with her family, being outside in nature, and horseback riding.